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DMzzp offers you many advantages such as nice projects, group discounts and contacts with colleagues and other own-account workers. We also support you in your accounting matters. We have lots of experience finding jobs for technical personnel in the metal and engineering industries. As an independent worker you will be part of our extensive network. We know better than anyone what is going on at our clients, but also which clients prefer to work with independent workers without personnel. DMzzp makes it easier for you to be introduced to a company than if you had to do it yourself.
We are also at the forefront of knowledge in the field of legislation and regulations. For example, we use a model agreement approved by the tax authorities, so that our clients do not run the risk of additional tax assessments or fines.

As a self-employed person, you have to deal with all kinds of things you would be happy to get rid of: finding assignments, making appointments, keeping track of hours, invoicing, networking and so on. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could leave these tasks to a party that has the requisite knowledge so that you can focus on what you’re good at?

DMzzp is looking for you! DMzzp is there for you!

Looking for a challenging project? Apply now!

Looking for a challenging project Apply now!


If you want to be kept informed about new projects and assignments, please create a Job Alert below. You will automatically receive a message when a new project in your field of expertise becomes available. It will save you a lot of searching time, even if you are not (yet) actively looking for a new job but would like to explore possibilities DMzzp: where great projects, professionals and transparent job placements come together.

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