ABU – Fair Employment Code

DMjob is a member of the ABU (Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemen), a large trade association for employment agencies. An employment agency affiliated with the ABU is regularly checked whether it complies with the collective labor agreement for the temporary employment sector. In addition to the ABU, NBBU is also a well-known trade association. For temporary workers, and therefore also for labor migrants, it is nice to know whether their employment agency is a member of ABU or NBBU. This means that the employment agency must always adhere to the rules in the collective labor agreement. This includes timely payment of wages and accrued reserves.

ABU – Fair Employment Code

Migrant workers are usually recruited in their country of residence. It is very important that the recruitment process is transparent for the job seekers who come to work in the Netherlands. This makes it clear where people are going to work under what conditions. In the Fair Employment Code of the ABU, which was introduced on 1 January 2021, a link has therefore been sought with the Fair Recruitment Code of the ILO (International Labor Organization). The ILO code contains principles for international recruitment. The ABU has also included a number of extra guidelines.

The ILO Fair Recruitment Code includes important elements such as:
• The prohibition on asking for a fee for the mediation
• Comprehensibly and fully informing the jobseeker in their own language
• The right of the labor migrant to free movement within a country
• The freedom to cancel a contract, leave the country and change employer
• Contracts and IDs that are not taken, destroyed or kept
• Access to a complaints procedure and dispute resolution and commitments that are honored

In addition to the mandatory application of the ILO guidelines, ABU members provide digital or written information in their own language, reference is made to information videos and the specific regulations in the Netherlands. These are just some of the guidelines.

For labor migrants, ABU has a welcome page with information videos, the comprehensible version of the code and information about the ABU complaints procedure. Labor migrants from the following countries can now read the information in their own language: